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Well hi there. Here I am in Benidorm or (Beni…) as it is affectionately known by some. I shall be doing the round with my flyers advertising my follow-up book “Still Cheeky” leaving them in various hotel libraries (Biblioteca) or anywhere else I am allowed. I also have some copies of the first book in the series “Stay Cheeky” and I will leave that book where I can.

The book “Still Cheeky” is available from Amazon and part of the banter or humour is when the gang go to Benidorm for their first ever holiday. They quickly find Levante beach and suffer the consequences of the hot sun. Further on Spike meets a girl and ends up in La Vila Yoisa where he has an adventure of his own. Wendy falls for a Canadian mountie who is there on holiday.

The book “Still Cheeky” is a follow on from “Stay Cheeky” and is written in the same humorous style.

You can see all my scribblings or blogs on the web site where you will find the links to the 2 books and also my book of short stories.

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                                          What! another birthday! …                                            5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455

I would like to thank all those who sent me birthday messages. Just so that you know, I have spent the day with the authorities trying to find the correct certification because the paperwork that is in my possession, must be a piece of fiction!!!

I will be  in the Costa Blanca soon and will be leaving some flyers in various establishments and some copies of  “Stay Cheeky” in a few hotel libraries. The flyers give some details of “Still Cheeky” which is partly set in Benidorm in the eighties and mentions in the book some familiar places. The Orange Hotel...Marrs bar…La Vila Yayoisa.

“Still Cheeky” starts off with the gang going to Benidorm, having fun and banter in some familiar places. Spike has an adventure in nearby la Vila Yayoisa. Wendy meets a new love.

I did have the offer of a radio interview from Cool FM, but that was last time I was in  Benidorm. I will try and get in touch with them again.

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                                                                                    Might see you around. Till next time, “Stay Cheeky.”


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My ears are alight…

This brought to mind that song from the past. Desmond Dekker… “Israelites.”


We used to sing this when we were in silly mode. We would substitute “Israelites” for “my ears are alight” remember?

A current trip to the Canary Islands brought the memory back: Here’s what happened… My partner and I hired bicycles on our first day. This is normal for us because we can scout around quickly to see where everything is. I stupidly did not apply any sun block and at the end of the day I resembled a fairly ripe tomato. I was not unduly worried, I have done this before but this time I acquired sun burned ears hence the flash back to Desmond and his Deckkers. Anyway, a thick application of after-sun seemed to bring my ears back to where they should be.

If you are reading this and have arrived here because… I usually leave a copy of my book “Stay Cheeky” in hotel libraries along with a few flyers. On this trip, I dropped books off at 5 of the RUI hotels and others. If you happen to read “Stay Cheeky” and would like to buy the follow up “Still Cheeky,” then please proceed to Amazon and make the purchase which will cost you no more than the price of a cup of coffee. You can also view my “Short Stories.”

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Till next time, watch out for that sun and “stay cheeky.”

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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455         Back in the room…

It’s been a while so let me get the excuses out of the way first.

I changed from to and it has been quite a journey that is not finished yet. Anyway, let’s get on with it and I will keep tweeking things until I get it right…

Have any of you been bewildered by some of the postings on social media regarding stuff for sale?

For example:   Wellington boots size 9…need a clean.    

                            Garden tools for sale…need a clean.

                            Wedding dress. Worn twice?…needs a good clean.

                            Golf clubs. Used once…need a clean.

                            Rabbit hutch for sale…needs a good clean.

There would appear to be a shortage of cleaning materials in the country!  I can’t help myself from scouring social media in the hope of finding some hidden gems…

                            Baby portable potty…needs a clean.

                            Condom. Used once…needs a good clean.

                            False teeth. Would suit a pensioner…need a clean.        

                            Cotton buds. Used once…need a clean.        

Oh well, that’s the nonsense over  for now. As usual all my posts are free to share but remain the property of

Till next time, “Stay Cheeky.”                                                              


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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455                               The movies…

If any of you have been following the Netflix series “The Crown” you will know it is about Her Majesty the Queen and her association with various prime ministers over the years… I worked as an extra or supporting actor as we are now called and I have only just got around to subscribing to Netflix so, as I write, I am slowly getting through the episodes… I was going to write an account of this filming but my pal Matt Lucas, who also worked on the film, recently wrote a great post about this on his site…                               My  reason for getting involved with this is born out of curiosity… Some years ago I did a weeks work on the movie  Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius starring Jim Caviezel (a very nice chap by the way) a story for all you golf fans. I had so much fun doing that film, I promised myself to try and do another. Going back in history is facinating. Just wearing the clothes in any period drama is interesting. ( In bygone days, clothes were very heavy to wear, not like modern materials.) So, take a moment to look at the Matt Lucas web-site and see all the stuff he gets up to…. Meantime, you all… “Stay Cheeky.”


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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455                        The devil rides again…

A visit to the dentist was called for recently. It is not an unpleasant experience these days but being as how I’m on the senior tour, I can vividly remember the dark days in the sixties when going to the dentist was a scary event. None of your casual chit-chat…“How are we today and what have you been up to?” More likely to have been…“Sit down and let’s see what we can pull out of your mouth!”   (See my chapter…Podger and the dentist…in my book Stay Cheeky ) for a similar experience. I had left my dentist (nice man) a copy of Stay Cheeky the last visit I made and was pleased when he said he had enjoyed it.

Being of the older persuasion I have some old fashioned values and something keeps cropping up on a regular basis…Here’s what happens… I go to bank in the high street to do what ever business is pending:   “Good morning, and how are we today?” she asks. “I am fine,” I reply. “Have you thought about on-line banking?” she continues. “You ask me this every time I come in here!” I say, suddenly aware that the devil that lives on my shoulder was stirring. ” In fact, just the other night I lost a lot of sleep tossing and turning wondering if I should indeed be doing my banking on-line! I’m seriously thinking of getting some therapy!” I heard myself say. She looked at me as if I had just barged in waving a gun and demanding the contents of the safe. “What would happen if I did bank on-line? You would be unemployed, wouldn’t you? and I would not have the pleasure of seeing your lovely smiling face!” I said,  cursing under my breath the little fellow on my shoulder. “Eh! …will that be all. Is there any thing else we can help you with today?” she ventured, shrinking further into her seat. “No, nothing else. Same time next week?” I said with a smile. “Ok!” she replied rather timidly as me and the little fellow on my shoulder swept out of the building…“Shall we go to the butcher next?” I chuckled, asking my imaginary friend… Till next time.

Meantime, you all…Stay Cheeky.

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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455                Food for thought…

Here’s what happened… My partner was on a flight with two friends after having arranged to meet up in the airport lounge. They had some catching up to do and quickly got down to it.  After a while the stewardess came past with the snacks, on this occasion it was a choice of various panini sandwiches. The choice was made by the three who were still chatting away and after a few minutes my partner looked at the sandwich and mentioned to her chums that she had been given bacon instead of cheese. The stewardess was summoned and asked for it to be exchanged which was done with a smile. A few minutes went past and during a pause in the conversation my partner again said that she had been given another bacon panini instead of cheese.  The stewardess was just about to be called again when a closer inspection of the sandwich revealed that it was cheese that was written on the wrapping, just above the wording… A true story.

As always, a big thank you to all who have downloaded any of my masterpieces. It is much appreciated. To those who haven’t as yet, just go to Amazon and you will see my stuff there or swing past my web site and you will find the links.

It always feels like I’m prostituting myself when I write these posts and…wait a minute! that’s given me an idea on how to move some stock…

Touting for business Colour - CopyMeantime, you all… Stay Cheeky.