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        5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455At a cinema…nowhere near you…

Sometime ago when boredom made a visit, I decided to find out how movies were made so I signed myself up as an extra on the movie  Stroke of Genius. For all you golfers out there, this is the story of Bobby Jones,  a famous golfer, who won the grand slam as an amateur. The film was shot for the most part in St Andrews and I had to travel down everyday for a week by car. There is a shortcut road south that climbs quite high and this particular morning at about 4 am, I noticed a blue flashing light up ahead which told me that Mr Plod was about looking for drivers who had partaken in the grape or the hop or maybe anyone who was smuggling haggis or whatever. I duly stopped and wound down my window…“Morning, Sir and where might we be going at this time in the morning?” (sniff, sniff.) At this point the little devil that lives on my shoulder decided this was an opportunity for a bit of banter. “Well, officer, I don’t know about you but I’m on my way to my movie set.” was the words that I heard coming out of my mouth. The policeman stood closer. “Could you repeat that, Sir?” (sniff, sniff.) “I’m on my way to film with Jim Caviezel and Malcolm McDowell in St Andrews. It’s a golfing movie.” more words that I seemed to have no control over. ” Oh, and I suppose John Wayne will be caddying for you, eh, Sir?” The wee fellow on my shoulder was jumping up and down with excitement.  Now, you should know officer, John Wayne didn’t do much golf, besides… he’s dead!”   At this point I decided to put the poor fellow out of his misery as he was at a loss as to how to deal with me and I was going to be late for my movie gig. I explained as best I could and added that I had not been drinking or sniffing anything bad. He invited me to carry on with my journey and I left him scratching his head. Filming went well and that day I got to stand on hallowed ground (The 18th green on the Old Course)  and this film extra went home very tired that night. Bit disappointed that the phone call never came through from Hollywood. Jim and Malcolm have also failed to stay in touch… Oh well… meantime, you all… Stay Cheeky.

Apologies again for being absent. I am on my third pc/tablet within 1year. This replacement didn’t arrive in time for my 4week trip and I had to struggle with an old pc, poor wi-fi and I had security issues so I shut down for most of the 4 weeks.



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