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                 5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455Comic greats…

The question was asked recently… “Who are your favourite comedians?” Being as how I’m on the senior tour, I have many. Let’s go back a bit…

Tony Hancock… Spike Milligan… Jimmy Edwards… Phil Silvers… Leonard Rossiter… Arthur Lowe and many many more. Some still with us, some who are not.

I have a short ditty that mentions one true genius in the comedy world. Here’s what happened…

A fellow you may have heard about, had a house, (until recently)  not far from where I live. Anyway, this Mr Connolly had house guests who attended one of our local games. One of those regular guests was Robin Williams… Mr Williams was known to partake in the hill race and this particular year I happened to wander into the field not knowing the race was just about to finish and I was in the path of the runners. I heard a noise and as I turned round I realised that I had nearly tripped up the fellow who I now recognised as the afore mentioned comic genius. He had to side-step me in order to continue his running and I expected a curse for being so stupid. But no, this great man gave me a smile and continued on his way to the finishing line which was in the arena where The Big Yin and the rest of the guests were. As far as I’m aware, I did not cost Robin Williams first place in the race but I didn’t hang around to find out … So, if you ever hear me say, “I once bumped into Robin Williams,” you’ll know the story…

By the way, I’ve written two books and some short stories. I have so many that I’m selling them… … Meantime, you all…Stay Cheeky.

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5 thoughts on “Thanks for stopping by…

  1. I actually met Phil Silvers in Sydney in 1970. I was on guard duty at Victoria Barracks and he attended the sergeant’s mess for lunch. Nice bloke.


  2. I enjoyed your posts, the one with the Robin Williams bit and the one with you being an extra. Loved your retort re: John Wayne. Fun. I had a small part in a Hallmark movie featuring Jack Lemmon. That was a treat. Good luck with your writing.


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