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        5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455 Hola from the Costa Blanca…

If you are ever in this part of Spain then you can hardly miss the towering buildings in Benidorm. The TV series gives a pretty accurate description of the hotels and numerous bars that cater for the many that visit here. I have a quick visit here before my travels take me down the coast to Malaga and beyond. Part of my second book “Still Cheeky” is set in and around Benidorm in 1981 with the pretty village of Villa joyosa featuring in the story. Check it out on Amazon or swing past my web-site . “Still Cheeky” is available for download for the amazing price of £2.14 or about 2.80 euros… You may come across my first book “Stay Cheeky” in the library of your hotel. I have left copies in quite a few hotels so that you may enjoy free of charge. In Spanish a library is called Biblioteca. If you are out and about and make a visit to Villa joyosa then try and call at the Valor chocolate factory where you can sample many different variations of their yummy product. My own weakness is a cup of chocolate with Churros… A trip down to the beach will give you a fantastic view of the houses that are painted in various bright colours. It is said that the houses were painted this way so that the fishermen could see their homes from out at sea as they made their way back from a trip.

A huge thanks to the people who have downloaded my books and read all the nonsense that I write about. Your support is very much appreciated and means that I can indulge in the odd tapas and glass of vino. If you are one of those that have bought a book then it would be nice if you left a review. It only takes a minute or two and it means a lot to us scribblers.

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Meantime, you all…Stay Cheeky.




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