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Here’s what happened… My partner was on a flight with two friends after having arranged to meet up in the airport lounge. They had some catching up to do and quickly got down to it.  After a while the stewardess came past with the snacks, on this occasion it was a choice of various panini sandwiches. The choice was made by the three who were still chatting away and after a few minutes my partner looked at the sandwich and mentioned to her chums that she had been given bacon instead of cheese. The stewardess was summoned and asked for it to be exchanged which was done with a smile. A few minutes went past and during a pause in the conversation my partner again said that she had been given another bacon panini instead of cheese.  The stewardess was just about to be called again when a closer inspection of the sandwich revealed that it was cheese that was written on the wrapping, just above the wording… A true story.

As always, a big thank you to all who have downloaded any of my masterpieces. It is much appreciated. To those who haven’t as yet, just go to Amazon and you will see my stuff there or swing past my web site and you will find the links.

It always feels like I’m prostituting myself when I write these posts and…wait a minute! that’s given me an idea on how to move some stock…

Touting for business Colour - CopyMeantime, you all… Stay Cheeky.

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