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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455                        The devil rides again…

A visit to the dentist was called for recently. It is not an unpleasant experience these days but being as how I’m on the senior tour, I can vividly remember the dark days in the sixties when going to the dentist was a scary event. None of your casual chit-chat…“How are we today and what have you been up to?” More likely to have been…“Sit down and let’s see what we can pull out of your mouth!”   (See my chapter…Podger and the dentist…in my book Stay Cheeky ) for a similar experience. I had left my dentist (nice man) a copy of Stay Cheeky the last visit I made and was pleased when he said he had enjoyed it.

Being of the older persuasion I have some old fashioned values and something keeps cropping up on a regular basis…Here’s what happens… I go to bank in the high street to do what ever business is pending:   “Good morning, and how are we today?” she asks. “I am fine,” I reply. “Have you thought about on-line banking?” she continues. “You ask me this every time I come in here!” I say, suddenly aware that the devil that lives on my shoulder was stirring. ” In fact, just the other night I lost a lot of sleep tossing and turning wondering if I should indeed be doing my banking on-line! I’m seriously thinking of getting some therapy!” I heard myself say. She looked at me as if I had just barged in waving a gun and demanding the contents of the safe. “What would happen if I did bank on-line? You would be unemployed, wouldn’t you? and I would not have the pleasure of seeing your lovely smiling face!” I said,  cursing under my breath the little fellow on my shoulder. “Eh! …will that be all. Is there any thing else we can help you with today?” she ventured, shrinking further into her seat. “No, nothing else. Same time next week?” I said with a smile. “Ok!” she replied rather timidly as me and the little fellow on my shoulder swept out of the building…“Shall we go to the butcher next?” I chuckled, asking my imaginary friend… Till next time.

Meantime, you all…Stay Cheeky.

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