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If any of you have been following the Netflix series “The Crown” you will know it is about Her Majesty the Queen and her association with various prime ministers over the years… I worked as an extra or supporting actor as we are now called and I have only just got around to subscribing to Netflix so, as I write, I am slowly getting through the episodes… I was going to write an account of this filming but my pal Matt Lucas, who also worked on the film, recently wrote a great post about this on his site…                               My  reason for getting involved with this is born out of curiosity… Some years ago I did a weeks work on the movie  Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius starring Jim Caviezel (a very nice chap by the way) a story for all you golf fans. I had so much fun doing that film, I promised myself to try and do another. Going back in history is facinating. Just wearing the clothes in any period drama is interesting. ( In bygone days, clothes were very heavy to wear, not like modern materials.) So, take a moment to look at the Matt Lucas web-site and see all the stuff he gets up to…. Meantime, you all… “Stay Cheeky.”


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