Thanks for stopping by…

5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455         Back in the room…

It’s been a while so let me get the excuses out of the way first.

I changed from to and it has been quite a journey that is not finished yet. Anyway, let’s get on with it and I will keep tweeking things until I get it right…

Have any of you been bewildered by some of the postings on social media regarding stuff for sale?

For example:   Wellington boots size 9…need a clean.    

                            Garden tools for sale…need a clean.

                            Wedding dress. Worn twice?…needs a good clean.

                            Golf clubs. Used once…need a clean.

                            Rabbit hutch for sale…needs a good clean.

There would appear to be a shortage of cleaning materials in the country!  I can’t help myself from scouring social media in the hope of finding some hidden gems…

                            Baby portable potty…needs a clean.

                            Condom. Used once…needs a good clean.

                            False teeth. Would suit a pensioner…need a clean.        

                            Cotton buds. Used once…need a clean.        

Oh well, that’s the nonsense over  for now. As usual all my posts are free to share but remain the property of

Till next time, “Stay Cheeky.”                                                              


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