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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455                   Can’t wait…

If you are a scribbler you can get hung up on words or everyday sayings. The following springs to mind: “Can’t wait.”

These two words seem to find their way into a lot of conversations now. For example: “I’m getting my new car tomorrow, can’t wait.

So, does this mean that you are not going to wait until tomorrow but find an alternative instead?      

I met up with an old friend recently and he sadly told me his faithful dog had died. Having been in that position myself, I sympathised with him. He then went on to say he was getting another dog the following week. “Getting the dog next week, can’t wait.” he said.                                                                                                                        

Seeing an opportunity to cheer him up, I thought I would have some fun.                                                                                      

“So what are you going to do?” I asked.      

 “What do you mean?” he replied. 

 “You said you can’t wait!  Just wondering what you plan to do. Are you going to chase the postman (woman) for the next seven days ‘cos you can’t wait!” At this point he gave me a strange look.                                                

  “I know what you could do, you could go down the sea shore and throw a stick in the water then jump in after it because, hey, you can’t wait!

   “Are you about to follow fellow dog walkers with a pooper scooper for a week until your dog arrives, shouting, I’ll get that, because you can’t wait!

He did offer up a chuckle, so, thinking, “My work here is done!” I bid him farewell with the promise I would visit to see his new dog.

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Till next time…bet you can’t wait…….”Stay Cheeky.”




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