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My ears are alight…

This brought to mind that song from the past. Desmond Dekker… “Israelites.”


We used to sing this when we were in silly mode. We would substitute “Israelites” for “my ears are alight” remember?

A current trip to the Canary Islands brought the memory back: Here’s what happened… My partner and I hired bicycles on our first day. This is normal for us because we can scout around quickly to see where everything is. I stupidly did not apply any sun block and at the end of the day I resembled a fairly ripe tomato. I was not unduly worried, I have done this before but this time I acquired sun burned ears hence the flash back to Desmond and his Deckkers. Anyway, a thick application of after-sun seemed to bring my ears back to where they should be.

If you are reading this and have arrived here because… I usually leave a copy of my book “Stay Cheeky” in hotel libraries along with a few flyers. On this trip, I dropped books off at 5 of the RUI hotels and others. If you happen to read “Stay Cheeky” and would like to buy the follow up “Still Cheeky,” then please proceed to Amazon and make the purchase which will cost you no more than the price of a cup of coffee. You can also view my “Short Stories.”

All my postings are the property of and you can share with your friends and talk about me if you like.

Till next time, watch out for that sun and “stay cheeky.”

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