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5FDBDACB-79B5-40DE-994D-56FC53BCE455                                    The eagle has landed…

Well hi there. Here I am in Benidorm or (Beni…) as it is affectionately known by some. I shall be doing the round with my flyers advertising my follow-up book “Still Cheeky” leaving them in various hotel libraries (Biblioteca) or anywhere else I am allowed. I also have some copies of the first book in the series “Stay Cheeky” and I will leave that book where I can.

The book “Still Cheeky” is available from Amazon and part of the banter or humour is when the gang go to Benidorm for their first ever holiday. They quickly find Levante beach and suffer the consequences of the hot sun. Further on Spike meets a girl and ends up in La Vila Yoisa where he has an adventure of his own. Wendy falls for a Canadian mountie who is there on holiday.

The book “Still Cheeky” is a follow on from “Stay Cheeky” and is written in the same humorous style.

You can see all my scribblings or blogs on the web site where you will find the links to the 2 books and also my book of short stories.

The cost of downloading my nonsense is no more than the   price of a beer or coffee and by doing so you will be helping me to maintain the fabulous lifestyle that I insist on having…

All my blogs are free to share with friends, film producers or otherwise but remain the property of…





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